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  • The Triple Bypass

    stories of healing flower 3I receive a call from a gentleman saying he’s scheduled for a triple bypass surgery in 2-days and desires to have the best outcome possible, as he’s already had open heart surgery in the past, and has some present anxiety about this one. During our phone consultation, he relays that he’s physically active, takes daily walks and enjoys bike riding. He agrees to consult with his surgeon for approval, prior to pursuing a session with me. His surgeon is supportive, so we decide, due to the short timeline, to do this session over the phone the night before his surgery.

    On the phone, he easily reaches the light state of hypnosis needed for this work. He listens closely to the therapeutic suggestions given — which inform his subconscious of what’s coming up, how we desire his body to respond to the procedure, and for rapid healing afterwards. These specific suggestions, tailored to this patient’s needs, were written down by his wife and handed to the anesthesiologist, who read them to the patient during the surgical procedure.

    The outcome: the procedure went like clockwork, no complications afterwards, and my client healed faster than anyone expected.