stories of healing rock garden


  • Fear of Change

    stories of healing flower 1A client comes to me saying she has a fear of change. She works on a contractual basis and experiences anxiety when a contract ends. When this happens, at home she easily loses patience with her young son. She asks if I can help.

    Using hypnosis, I ask her to scan her body and tell me where this fear of change resides, and to describe anything she sees. She described a heavy, black rock laying upon her chest, naming it “Rocky.” I found this interesting because during our consultation, she states having asthma since early adulthood, and takes medication daily to help her breathe. A short conversation with Rocky reveals she’s had this fear since childhood.

    Using regression, we go back to the origin of this issue to find a very unhappy little girl who states, “We’re moving again. Why does he hate me?” As it turns out, the truth of the situation was this: The little girl’s mother went through a number of relationships. She’d move in, and when the relationship ended, move out—taking my client with her, without offering an explanation. I spoke to this younger version of my client, explaining that this situation had nothing to do with her, and that she’s a precious child and well loved. The little girl responded with joy, as did Rocky—who had changed from black to pink, bouncing up and down with delight.

    I asked Rocky how he can now help my client, when future contract losses occur. After thinking a moment he said, “I can remind her that when one door closes, another opens.” I checked with my client, and she liked this idea. Still in hypnosis, I offered a few therapeutic suggestions, one including, “…because you go with the flow of life now, you breathe easier.” The session ends.

    I received a call from this client a week later. She’s excited and reports her asthma is gone and hasn’t required her inhaler since our session. I inquired as to the issue she came to see me for. “Oh—I lost a contract a few days ago, and I surprised myself because I was so calm.” She continued, “The thought came to me; it’s OK. One door closes and another opens.”

    I remained in touch with this client over a 6-month period. She reported no more occurrences of anxiety over employment contracts and she and her son enjoyed a healthier, happier relationship. Her symptoms of asthma never returned.