stories of healing rock garden


  • Fear of Change

    stories of healing flower 1A client comes to me saying she has a fear of change. She works on a contractual basis and experiences anxiety when a contract ends. When this happens, at home she easily loses patience with her young son. She asks if I can help.

    Using hypnosis, I ask her to scan her body and tell me where this fear of change resides, and to describe anything she sees. She described a heavy, black rock laying upon her chest, naming it “Rocky.” I found this interesting because during our consultation, she states having asthma since early adulthood, and takes medication daily to help her breathe. A short conversation with Rocky reveals she’s had this fear since childhood. Read more >>

  • The Sound of Snoring

    stories of healing flower 2A young woman enters my office. She tells me she’s newly married and hasn’t been sleeping because her husband snores, and can I help her sleep.

    Using hypnosis and guided imagery, I ask her to allow an image to come to her mind that’s a perfect representation of the sound of snoring… My client described a very huge bear; big teeth, large paws, sharp nails. “I don’t like this bear… I don’t like this bear, I don’t like this…” she repeats several times, as I observe her fingernails digging into the upholstery. Read more >>

  • The Triple Bypass

    stories of healing flower 3I receive a call from a gentleman saying he’s scheduled for a triple bypass surgery in 2-days and desires to have the best outcome possible, as he’s already had open heart surgery in the past, and has some present anxiety about this one. During our phone consultation, he relays that he’s physically active, takes daily walks and enjoys bike riding. He agrees to consult with his surgeon for approval, prior to pursuing a session with me. His surgeon is supportive, so we decide, due to the short timeline, to do this session over the phone the night before his surgery. Read more >>

  • Those Pesky Side Effects!

    stories of healing flower 4I receive a referral from an oncologist treating a woman in her 60’s, for breast cancer. She’s mid-way through her chemotherapy and suffers from two treatment related side effects: nausea and insomnia. During our consultation, my client states she’s always been a sound sleeper, yet now she’s having difficulty falling and remaining asleep, especially on the days leading up to and after her chemo treatments. When asked if she has a lot of mental chatter, she replied, “Oh, there’s that…” When asked to elaborate about the nausea, she said it seems to be food specific. She continued, “The nausea I can live with. It’s this not sleeping business that’s killing me.” There was this silent pause, then we both laughed. Read more >>